Mediation Intensive Training 26th, 27th and 28th of March 2020

Mediation Intensive Training 26th, 27th and 28th of March 2020

What is Mediation?
Mediation is the methodology which is confidential, where people in conflict can approach a neutral person who will facilitate a conversation between them in an unbiased manner and clear the path to resolve and restore peace. Most importantly mediation saves relationships.

Conflicts by themselves are not disturbing, they gather negativity when they are not handled well. While a well navigated conflict actually leads to a productive environment. The more people learn the methodology the more peaceful and productive our spaces will become. 

Our vision at is to have mediators across workspaces, schools, communities and homes! Why not? Anyone can mediate, you only need to do it. Mediation is the need that helps people in resolving small conflicts to the big ones. Why not nip them in the bud? That’s why this our training is for everyone and not lawyers alone.

Mediation is a skill that most people already possess. Most of us find the need for skillful handling of conflicts at the workplace and home. It just needs fine-tuning, and that’s exactly what we do at the 3 Day Intensive Training. It helps people build a stronger relationship, generate self-confidence in expressing their voice and most importantly help people stay out of unnecessary litigation.

What next?
The certificate officially inducts the student into the Academy of Mediators, an informal body which has all the mediators who are getting mentored by Meena Pershad Waghray​,​ Chief Mediator/ trainer for a period of 6 months. The mentoring is done using a formal mentoring platform called  

The Academy nurtures the mediators to get access to all the activities and programs run by in the promotion of the concept among the general public and students and to conduct mediation as needed.

In addition, participants will get a concession on ‘upgrade programs’ in future.

Agenda: The three-day intensive hands-on mediation workshop covers the following topics:

Day One.

  • Understanding conflicts and resolutions in common parlance
  • Conflict theory and emotions
  • Innovative use of Improvisation theatre methodology as a precursor to case studies
  • Effective use of tools of communication
  • Introduction to the 5 phases of mediation
  • Foundations and methodology of mediation
  • Mediator’s role as a leader; conduct: Do’s and Don’ts
  • MediTation: A brief introduction and a meditation session on how it helps to keep the mind fresh and alert even during a mediation. This promotes clarity of thought.
    Introduction : Opening Statement : the backbone of a mediation.

Day Two

  • Mock sessions* to move from Phase 1 to Phase 3 of mediation
  • Opening statement and storytelling; the physical space arrangement, mediator’s calm presence, setting the tone for parties to be comfortable
  • Role plays, understanding caucuses
  • Handling parties’ feelings and emotions and caucuses through mocks
  • Mock Meditation session, field work.

Day Three.

  • A full-length mock Meditation session
  • Mock sessions continue to move from Phase 3 to Phase 5 of mediation
  • Full mock sessions with grading. (Test for assessment and Certificate)
  • Mediation at the Moots, Agreements, writings and follow-ups, negotiation elements
  • Closing
  • Mock mediation sessions will be based on civil, commercial and family cases.

Take home:
In this training Intensive you will be graded personally on mocks and assess your progress. With recorded Videos. You will be doing field work to meet with people. After an exam on a full mock you will be awarded the Certificates.

Timings: 10AM to 5PM on all days.

Registration: Course Fees: INR10,000, A 25% discount for students.

(Fees include tea/coffee, snacks & lunch for 3 days plus material).

Please register by sending a mail to before March 15th 2020.
(The Batch Size is restricted to 12 and the registrations close if the batch size is achieved)

Bank details will be provided via email.

Contact for details: 



About the Trainer:


  • Meena Pershad Waghray has over two decades of experience working as an advocate in Bangalore City Civil Courts, Karnataka High Court, Family Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals etc. She has been a passionate advocate for Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques, seeking out ADR courses especially mediation during her travels to USA and Denmark. She has been writing about Mediation since 2012 trying to create awareness among the people in India.
  • She is an internationally certified mediator from ADR group, UK with Thomas Valenti of Valenti law, Chicago USA.
  • She is also the founder of  – a portal to popularize Mediation training in India. She works as the Chief mediator as well. She also runs various social media pages on Mediation. Meena has conducted several training sessions on Mediation with college students, teachers, High School students and the general public.
  • Meena is a law graduate from Osmania University and is a topper in PG Diploma in Consumer Protection law from NLSUI (National Law School of India University, Bangalore). She did a dissertation with the Bangalore Mediation Centre, Siddaiah Road and was impressed with the mediation process.
  • She is an internationally certified mediator from ADR group, UK with Thomas Valenti of Valenti law, Chicago USA.
  • Meena works actively with the students of law colleges by way of judging moot court competitions and mentoring students for International Moots as well.

    College Training.
    She trained about 45 students of PES University in the skills of mediation and a few students have interned with her in conducting research on the existing modes of Conflict Resolution in educational Institutions in India.
    A batch of 25 students from Ramaiah College of Law, Bangalore along with Christ University students have undergone the students Intensive.

    Law Student Internships:
    The law colleges are associated with her in terms of providing internships are
    Christ College Bangalore,
    O. P Jindal College Sonepat,
    ILS Pune and
    PES University among others.

  • She is a part time faculty at the Army Public School and RCIS International, Bangalore teaching the elective Legal Studies to students of CBSE class XI and XII.
  • She has conducted Mediation Intensive Workshops for almost all age groups, like the 11th standard students of APS K Kamaraj Road, Bangalore, 9th standard students of JGRV School, Kalyanagar, Bangalore,  who have actually implemented the skills learned and have observed a tremendous shift in the perspective of communication. 
  • She has conducted seminars presided over by Justice Raghavendra Chauhan (Sitting Judge at Karnataka High Court) and MS. Manjula Raman (Principal APS, KKamraj Road, B’lore), and street plays to raise awareness among the school students and parents on the importance of Dispute Resolution and Mediation specifically.
  • She has conducted Taste of Mediation Workshops for the Rural Youth at the Art Of Living Campus.
  • Taste Of mediation Workshops are the most popular have been held in rotation at Anweshana Montessori at Hennur, JGRV School Kalyan Nagar, APS Bangalore, Sena Vihar residents, RCIS etc.,
  • She is a corporate trainer at the Art of Living Foundation and teaches Yoga and Meditation.
    She has volunteered for many of the initiatives of the foundation for the last 20 years. Almost all involve people skills which are the core of all her activities including mediation training.

    She is constantly working towards making mediation relevant to the people in general, with innovative and creative methods and further the vision.

            For further feedback, testimonials and stock of work look up or the FB page on Mediation and Conflict Resolution in India.

           * * * * 

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