Garbage and Litigation

Garbage and Litigation.

Bangalore people faced a peculiar problem some time back. It was a garbage pickers strike that lasted for months I think. Well, it looked like that though. The plea to segregate garbage falls to deaf ears. Being in the court on one of those exhausting days, this connection got made.

If one visited the pending branches of the courts, you would see the mounds of piles of cases waiting to be processed appropriately by the officers at each bench. Being a lawyer and interacting with the people behind those cases I have often seen that most cases could have been sorted either before entering the courts or as soon as they were filed as “these can be settled between parties’.

These are the cases I refer to as dead from the beginning. The cases have not been segregated to start with. Today we are churning litigation just like we are churning out the garbage. Underneath the mounds, everything is dead.
The mounds of litigation are actually killing relationships and draining resources. Raising a stink that is effecting the fabric of the society as a whole.

Just as we segregate garbage at the home level we need to learn to settle matters by nipping them in the bud. They do not have to reach the courts always. Most matters could be resolved by simply talking out. If they don’t, then check out a mediator.

A mediator will help nip the matter in the bud. In civil matters, where relationships are the crux, be it the family, friends, associations, neighbours or siblings, approaching a mediator makes for the best choice.

What a mediator does is allows for seamless conversations to happen between the warring parties. We help ease tensions and smoothen the conversations in a way that everyone is heard.
Very often a patient listening has done a world of good for people to stay in harmony together. The issues that overpower the situation gets solved effortlessly.
People get back with a better state of affairs that what they have started with. So give a mediator a chance.

To reach a mediator drop a mail to, someone from the team will get back to assist.


#Anyonecanmediate #mediation

Meena Waghray
Chief Mediator,

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