Online Mediation Skills for Everyone. June 2020


The much-awaited training on “Mediation Skills is for Everyone” is on.

Date: 27th, 28, 29th of June 2020
Time: 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm on all days.
Charges: INR5000.
GooglePay – 9886008282
No of Students: The number is limited to 20.


About the Mediation Training Skills Workshop:

This workshop has been created by Meena Waghray as she was undergoing the 40 hour mediation training herself she realised that this had to be made relevant to the Indian audience and she was already making notes.


Her exposure to courts and observing all those cases which were in courts but needed to be out of court, and her interactions with people in the Art Of Living training and she herself being from a joint family set up helped her to shape this brilliant piece of training.


This has been delivered to almost all strata of society. Senior citizens, Psychologists, Teenage students, Staff of High School, Colleges, and Corporates have made these internationally proven steps of mediation completely relevant to the Indian audiences and more importantly to the non-lawyers.


It breaks the norm that says that – only lawyers can be mediators. The statement that #Anyonecanbeamediator actually holds good.


The sessions in the training are practical and hands-on. The theory is limited to reading material provided. The idea is that people learn when they do something and not when they simply listen to well-worded lectures.


A huge shift happens in the vocabulary of the participants as they supplement the words of mediation. A mindset of resolution dawns as against the mindset of conflict.

Contents of the workshop.

 Day 1

  • Understanding conflicts and resolutions in common parlance
  • Conflict theory and emotions and feelings.
  • Innovative use of Improvisation theatre methodology as a precursor to case studies
  • Effective use of tools of communication, (Online)
  • Introduction to the 5 phases of mediation
  • Mediator’s role as a leader & conduct: The Do’s and Don’ts
  • MediTation: Looking within to be an authentic Mediator

Day 2

  • Mock sessions (Online) to move from Phase 1 to Phase 3 of mediation
  • Opening statement and storytelling; the physical space, mediator’s calm presence, setting the tone for parties to be comfortable
  • Role plays, understanding caucuses
  • Handling parties’ feelings and emotions and caucuses
  • MediTation session: Honing the skills of looking within.

Day 3

  • Mock sessions (Online) continue to move from Phase 3 to Phase 5 of mediation
  • Full mock sessions with grading and feedback.
  • Mediation at the Moots, Agreements, writings and follow-ups, negotiation elements
  • Closing.
  • Mock mediation sessions will be based on civil, commercial, and family cases.

    Requirements for the workshop.Stationery: A pen and a notebook.

    A combination of Zoom, Whatsapp, Emil, Youtube, and the phone will be used throughout the three days.

    The appliances need to be charged and connections updated beforehand.

    The instructions/correspondence will be on WhatsApp and Email.

    Effective use of technology in Online mediations.
    A. Commencing.
    B. Assurance of privacy and confidentiality of the parties, best practices while online.
    C. Discipline and conduct of Mediator Online.

    The Takeaways of the Training are many some of them are:

    The hands-on learning of the steps of mediation.
    The ability help others resolve their conflict.
    Losing inhibitions, the enhanced vocabulary of negotiation versus arguments
    Confidence, arriving at the clarity in our own mindsets, among others.
    A Certificate.

About the Trainer

Meena Pershad Waghray has over two decades of experience working as a Lawyer in Bangalore City Civil Courts, Karnataka High Court, Family Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals, etc.
She has been a Lawyer for Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques, seeking out ADR courses especially mediation during her travel to the USA and Denmark, and was intrigued by the concept of mediation.

She is an internationally certified mediator from the ADR group, UK with Thomas Valenti of Valenti law, Chicago USA.

She is also the founder/Chief Mediator of  – a portal to popularize Mediation training in India. Meena has conducted several training sessions on Mediation with college students, teachers, High School students, and the general public.

Meena is a Law graduate from Osmania University, Hyderabad, and is a topper in PG Diploma in Consumer Protection Law from NLSUI (National Law School of India University, Bangalore). She did a dissertation with the Bangalore Mediation Centre, Siddaiah Road, Bangalore, where she shadowed several live mediations and was impressed with the mediation process and the outcomes.

She is a visiting faculty at the Army Public School, Bangalore, and teaches Legal Studies to students of CBSE class XI and XII.

She is a corporate trainer at the Art of Living Foundation and teaches Yoga and Meditation.

She has volunteered for many of the initiatives of the foundation from the last 20 years. People skills are the core of all her activities including this mediation training.

We welcome you to the Workshop. If you have any queries you could send a mail We would be happy to help.


The team at

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