Mediation Intensive Training and Trainer.

Greetings from Outofcourt!

Here are the details of the training and about the trainer.

About the Workshops and why you must consider undergoing it.

In these popular programs that you are looking at, you will acquire the practical skills and techniques for facilitating negotiations between disputing parties. You will discover effective ways to settle differences and mediate disputes across a variety of contexts. The programs will cover core mediation skills and hands-on experience across a variety of situations. 

It will have a combination of Discussions, Exercises, Video’s, Film clippings, Simulations, Recordings of mediations and students will get appropriate feedback. 


  • Broaden your understanding of ways to resolve disputes.
  • Become more comfortable with the role of mediator.
  • Enhance your ability to listen, express empathy, develop options, understand interests, and build agreements
  • Examine the ethical dilemmas and legal dimensions of mediation practice 
  • Learn how to preserve value and relationships through mediation
  • Acquire improved problem-solving negotiation techniques
  • Gain insights as to the role of lawyers in mediation
  • Explore best practices for online mediation and learn how to conduct mediation online.
  • Learn tips about acing the Mediation Moots as the mediation moots are rising each year.

Value-added to Law Students.

Outofcourt mediators have a lot of hands-on experience in mediating cases as the workshop is designed to be an interactive and experiential process with several mocks and feedback from co-participants, guides and expert feedback from the facilitator Meena Waghray. 

Their self-confidence in approaching and mediating a dispute will be high. They take up leadership roles easily. 

1.Take leadership to Conduct Seminar/ talks etc.,  on campus 

  1. You would be a great value addition to the College ADR society as a trained, certified mediator who also has a certificate.
  2. You could team up and conduct Mediation Clinics and actually mediate the real cases of peers.
  3. Setting up a College Mediation Centre for resolving student disputes is one of the larger projects of outofcourt.
  4. The most essential aspect of the “outofcourt” Mediation training is the “People Skills” they learn. These prove to be valuable for all students and for future employment, facing interviews, etc.,
  5. The students undergoing the MI weather law students or not will have an assured internship with outofcourt.

  6. This training helps with mediation moot court competitions. The trained mediators get a definite edge. many mediators of outofcourt have gone on to feel confident about participating and winning moot court competitions.
  7. The future of courts in India is ADR and mediation, the lawyers having the edge with mediation are definitely more sought out by people. Mediation has become a popular mode of dispute resolution in India.
  8. The acsess to network and outreach of mediators coming together from all over India from various colleges.

How Mediation Skills set you apart. 

How Mediation Skills help a law graduate stand apart in the workplace? Read here:

Requirement. Zoom app downloaded, stable internet connection as cameras are needed to be on throughout the workshop.
We will be interacting through the WhatsApp group.

Certificate: All participants will get a Certificate and an assured internship with Outofcourt.

Course Material: Prior to the start of the course, and as and when it is needed, the course material will be sent to all the students for reading and preparing.

Faculty Profile:

Meena Waghray, is the founder and the Chief Mediator, of – a portal to popularize Mediation and mediation training in India.

Meena is an internationally Certified Mediator from ADR group, UK with Thomas Valenti of Valenti law, Chicago USA.

The sessions will be delivered by her.

This year Meena was nominated for the prestigious Shaamnad Basheer’ Prize by Agami, an initiative of Asoka University – “No Change maker left behind” in the legal sphere, for her work with reaching mediation to the grassroots and to the non-legal community. 

A special mention was made for her excellent dessertation by the Director of Bangalore Mediation Centre, Bangalore. 

She received a recognition and cash prize as the 3 students of class 12 scored a straight 100 each year in the board exams.


Meena conducts mediations of civil nature between parties in disputes.She has conducted several training sessions on Mediation with college students, teachers, High School students, doctors, psychologists, and the general public (Non-lawyers), Rural people and aims to bring the concept of mediation to everyone.

Meena has over two decades of experience working as a lawyer in Bangalore City Karnataka High Court.
She has been a passionate advocate for Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques, seeking out ADR courses especially mediation during her travel to the USA and Denmark in 1998 as she saw the people element is missing in litigation.

Training law students:

The law colleges she conducts regular Mediation Training and Judges Moot courts are Ramaiah
College of Law, Christ University, National Law School of India University, PES Faculty of Law in Bangalore, and now after the pandemic in Universities all over India.

Most students take up mooting after the training or get associated with the college ADR Boards as members in organizing mediation-related activities. 

Training Non lawyers:

She believes that anyone can learn to mediate and has successfully conducted several Mediation training programs for the non lawyers. Several participants of hers have gone on to practice mediation. 

She conducts the most popular “Taste of Mediation Series’ ‘ with the staff of educational institutions like Army Public School, Royale Concorde International, Anweshana Montessori, Jai Gopal Garodia School, in Bangalore. 

Meena is a law graduate from Osmania University and is a topper in PG Diploma inConsumerProtection law from NLSUI (National Law School of India University,Bangalore)
She did adissertation with the Bangalore Mediation Centre, Bangalore.

She is a Visiting Faculty at the Army Public School, Bangalore teaching elective Legal Studies to students of CBSE class XI and XII. 

In addition, Meena is a Corporate Trainer at the Art of Living Foundation and teaches Yoga and Meditation from a decade. She has volunteered for many of the initiatives of the foundation for the last 20+ years.

She is a Visiting Faculty at the Army Public School, Bangalore teaching elective Legal Studies to students of CBSE class XI and XII. 


I just did not learn the theory of Mediation, but something that I can implement in my personal life..” Lipi Parashar, Law Student Christ College of Law Bangalore. (Member World Mediation Forum)

“My career decision is set and that is to be a mediator”. 

Keerthana, Ramaiah College of law. Bangalore. 

For more VDO’s of testimonials of past trainees please click the Link.

Please NOTE:

1. If for any reason any link doesn’t open for registration please drop a mail at

2.That all workshops have the same content, same interactive methods of teaching to enable comprehensive learning. The outcomes and learning objectives are common, the differentiator is only the spread of the timings to suit the individual needs of the participants.

3. This is a certificate program.

Looking forward to training with you all!

The Team at

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