Taste Of Mediation (Kannada/Telugu)

[This was conducted in 2017 and it was not called Taste of Mediation. This post is from my FaceBook Memories]


Another wonderful session of the Conflict Resolution workshop that I conducted at

Jaigopal Garodia Rashtrotthana Vidyalaya, Kalyanagar, Bangalore.

It was for the school teachers. It was full of laughter and fun.

It was interesting that these bunch of teachers actually did not have many conflicts between them (Nothing serious). The issues they had were rather simple. I use the word SIMPLE because the lifestyles of this set of teachers like the majority in India are that – simple. The fast-paced city life has not impacted them.
They all had the goal of students’ welfare in mind, just like most teachers do.

The simple issues varied from house loans to what dress to wear each day. 🙂


A paradigm shift happened when they did the brainstorming session. They felt that they were addressed as individuals, and not teachers who need to be constantly be sensitized to take care of students.
Everyone had to share that they were never been asked about our welfare, and all workshops are about attending to students. This is a common thing in almost all schools and organizations. Most schools take the teachers out for a day to give them a break and that’s about it.
Here are some outcomes where they resolve to do things that they like and,
> One teacher is going on to write a book and she found fellow teachers wanting to help her.
> Another teacher wanted to go temple hopping and she found some willing colleagues to team up with.
> Another teacher at 35 years finally could forgive his dad and actually thank him for compelling him to study a difficult subject.
The best I liked was when an extremely shy teacher said: “First I will start talking to my colleagues and smile more”. 🙂
One feedback that stands out is the laughter. 🙂
Thank You Asha Ashok. Dwarakanath Ar for giving me this opportunity.
I have witnessed your efforts for more than a decade in bringing up a small school from a dilapidated building and few students to this stage. Congratulations.

Manjula Srinivasa Reddy What do you say

Meena Waghray

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